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Unleash Your Inner Her

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Last Day To Sign Up 9/1/23

Your Inner Her is the wise woman who knows exactly what she wants, when she wants it. She is the woman who is not afraid to speak up or say No. She is deeply connected to her body & the language it speaks. She is the woman who cannot be shaken down. She is deeply rooted so she can rise up in confidence & direction. 
Inner Her is alive in every single woman. She has been waiting for you..

Are you ready to unleash your Inner Her?


I have created a program called Inner Her so we can go deep into connecting you to this beautiful wise woman that already lives inside of you. You are nourished in a safe environment so you may release all that no longer serves you about your current beliefs, thoughts and somatic imprint about being a woman so you can embody peace and unconditional love for self & the life you live. This is unlike the feminine programs out there. We go deep into exploring your unique spirit, giving you rooted feminine tools & shamanic style healing for your womb.

I see YOU as the woman that you really are. Our sessions are fully custom to YOU. Although there are core essentials we work though, your sessions are customized. I do not cookie cut your healing. I am a natural Intuitive so that means I do not have to waste precious time going into a direction that we don't have to go into. I am able to connect directly to divine source to bring guidance from your spiritual team for rapid results. We will also heal your unique energetic blockages within the womb/spirit so you receive results that stay with you forever. 

The Inner Her Curriculum

Part 1- Initiation, Ceremony Of Release, Questionnaire:

Interactive Questionnaire to uncover blockages within the feminine energy/relationship to self + Ceremony Of Release to initiate into Inner Her

Part 2- Inner Work:

ILLUMINATION: Who Is Inner Her, unbreakable self love/love tank, womb awakening, somatic inner her, inner child/shadow self/past life karma, ancestral healing, body worship/self connection.

RECLAMATION: rewiring limited beliefs, Inner Her mentality, total surrendering to the divine, becoming self healer, power of your bleed, releasing the past scripting, 

REVELATION: self expression/truth of beauty, the art of receiving, you + divine masculine, manifesting/magnetism

Part 3 Energetic Transformation:

ENERGETIC WORK OPTIONS: Inner Child Work, Shadow Self, Chakra Balancing, Womb Work, Spirit Guide Connection, Yoni Steam Ceremony, Womb Healing, Energy Clearings, Ancestral Healing Etc.

As A client you will Receive..

Private 55 Minute Sessions
Custom Energetic Healing
In Between Sessions Support
Embodiment Practices


"As we bloom back into our natural essence, we remember our orgasmic birthright. Heal our bodies, reconnect to the harmony of life, we attract partners who honor and love us deeply, find our life purpose, we birth authentic creation, our days are filled with love, inspiration, laughter and purpose. We move away from only surviving to see another day to flourishing with life."


$111 per session or $422 monthly


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