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Intuitive Readings, Energy Healing, Womb Steaming, Herbal Consultation

Please note that all services are available both online and in person besides energy clearings. Please visit the FAQ for more information.

Intuitive Reading

Direct channeling from your guides to get clarity on where you are and where you want to go. Erika channels directly from source.  Oracle/tarot cards may be used.

Messages are channeled from Spirit, Power Animals, Angels, Ancestors, Deities and other Spirit Guides.

Prices: 1/2 hr $55 | 1hr $77

Past Life Regression

Combination of shamanic journeying and oracle card reading to bring you awareness, appreciation and healing from significant past life times.

Price: 1 hr 15 min $111

Private Parties

This is a custom experience tailored to your parties desires and goals. Ranging from group innerHER,  tarot readings, sexual readings, shamanic journeying etc. the choice is customized to your liking.

This is perfect for bachelorette parties, staycations, retreats, work parties

email for price options & customization

Womb Steam Ceremony

Reproductive issues? Heavy emotional weight around your femininity or sexuality? You can benefit from a womb steam. An ancient ritual using herbs to restore balance to the body and spirit. The womb is a symbol of divine femininity, sexuality, beauty, expression, freedom, and love. When we connect to our wombs we give ourselves permission to freedom and unconditional peace. Erika creates a custom blend of herbs and blesses them prior to your session. The womb holds past relationships, trauma, losses etc until it is intentionally released. Yoni steaming has been historically known for its many physical and emotional healing benefits.

Womb steam, Blue Lotus tea, oracle card reading, & releasing is included in your session.

Prices: 1hr 15 minutes $122

Herbal Consultation

1:1 session exploring full background of body and mind. A suggestion of herbs will be given to address concerns of the body's functions.

Prices: $77 | $44 follow up

Energy Work/Reiki

Are you feeling stagnant, low energy or spiritual blockages? This session is a unique blend of intentional touch, sound therapy, essential oils, herbal smudging, energy tools and sometimes shamanic journeying. The physical, spiritual and energetic body are addressed in this session. Many clients experience clarity, renewed energy, new opportunities in life, peace and contentment after their first session. 

Prices: 1hr $111

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