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Ready To Start This Incredible Journey Together?

womb healing
I invite you to schedule a free 15 minute call with me so we can connect and make sure we are a match. No expectations. Only love & awareness.


"When I first met Erika I was unsure about myself and not in a good place in life. I did not have the confidence I needed to be successful in my journey. I was always second guessing myself and very doubtful. After 4 or 5 sessions into the program I can say I am a new person within. My confidence level has sky rocketed to the moon. Thank you Erika for your guidance. Very grateful for you."

-Michelle. Phx, AZ

This woman is unbelievable! Don’t be fooled by her youth ! She is an old soul. Her knowledge, her skill, her intuition, her downloads are INSANE. SHE HAS TRANSFORMED ME! my feminine was suffering to levels I couldn’t even imagine and she brought me out of my shell INSTANTLY! When my husband praises me in our intimacy… I say “thank Erika” . Wow wow wow! And that doesn’t stop there! I am highly skilled in my purpose and this girl makes me cry on a dime. She knows what to say, where to go and she hits the core EVERY TIME! My life would be very different without her and I can’t even imagine. Her creativity, her sense of self and the ability to be grown up about everything puts me in amazement constantly. Her products I use daily. They provide a level of calm and the formula does it’s job. She is my pharmacist haha. We are all blessed to have her on this planet living her purpose. Give her a try. Guaranteed…You will love her as much as I do. 

-Ingrid, Phoenix, AZ

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