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WHo Is Erika?

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Hi Beautiful Being. I am so glad you are here.


Thank you for taking the time to explore website to learn about my purpose and offerings at Inner Her Alchemy. I am a Spiritual Feminine Coach, Shamanic Practitioner and Intuitive

Growing up with my maternal line, I was exposed to Christianity, Christian witches and folk magic. There was times I was scolded for having "encounters" with spirits and other times praised for my gifts. This was very contradicting growing up and I battled this inner conflict often.

At age 18 I had a very deep heart to heart conversation with my grandmother who to me was the closest thing I had ever known to God/Spirit/Creator. A small voice inside of me told me to tell her about my spiritual experiences so I nervously shared with her about my own gifts and recent experiences. She sat up in tall in her seat and leaned in "This is a gift from God. Use it to help people and do not let anyone tell you it is evil." This was exactly what my heart needed to proceed in my journey.

I first began ancestral work and focused heavily on folk magic and hoodoo for many years until I was guided to extend my services to my community. This business was called 'House Of Brujas' and grew very quickly in which allowed me to quit my day job. I also began my informal shamanic training at this time. My business was growing and everything on the outside looked great but I still sensed an empty feeling and void inside. I was creating beautiful work for others but failed to water my own self. I continued to set up new goals for myself. I continued to keep myself busy and searching for something that would restore happiness inside of me. I did what I thought would save me.. Working hard, buying things that I wanted, taking courses and anything else that came my way. Looking back I was constantly in a full flight or flight mode trying to suppress my deep disconnection to myself.

I led myself to a very dark place in 2019. I was in a toxic and abusive relationship which almost costed me my life. It unexpectedly came to an end and within a few hours I became homeless, single and with a child and another arriving any day. I felt like a failure... I felt fear that I never felt... I felt anger.., I felt numb... I wanted to shrivel into a ball and die somewhere.

I was experiencing several panic attacks a day, PTSD, & depression. I was getting bombarded by flashbacks and felt often overstimulated by everything. I had no control over my mind, let alone my life.

My business closed in 2019 as I was unable to offer any help for anyone at this time.

One day in the midst of my dark hole, Spirit paid me a visit to ask if I was willing to surrender to my experience. After all of the anger, pain, crying, disbelief and sorrow, I agreed. "What did I have to loose?' I was tired.

This is where the soul work began...

I was finally READY to do the work

Things began to shift in a different direction this time. It was not focused on the external chases I went for often but on healing my heart.


My womb was crying. My heart was sobbing.

I disappeared from society and was focusing on nourishing ME. I found myself praying for healing instead of praying for things or people. I was praying for all things that were not for me to be removed. I was praying for my ancestors to lead the way. 

The things I needed appeared like books, mentors, and downloads of healing rituals. Miracles began to take place.

I was finally nourishing myself.

I began to heal the layers of sexual trauma, childhood trauma, violent experiences and emotional pain my heart had been carrying for so long. 

In this time of my life I witnessed countless miracles, divine alignments and spirit speak more times that I can count. 

All of this lead me to my purpose..


I birthed my business Inner Her Alchemy In December 2021 after lots of healing and embodiment work. First starting off as a Spiritual Feminine Coach focusing on womb healing, sexuality embodiment and divine feminine energy work.

In 2022 I had one of the most profound initiations where the old me left and the true me became. The last part of me that needed to die left so I could go deeper into my spiritual work. Since then I have branched out into extending my years of knowledge of ancestral healing, deeper womb healing, energy cleansing and lots of shamanic journey's.

The path to my purpose is 100% clear and I live my life in alignment to what I came here to do. I now am a guide for those who are ready to embark their own journey's into deep multidimensional work and healing parts of themselves in a true ceremonial setting. In a session at Inner Her Alchemy a portal of healing is opened so you can take the parts that your soul is in need of. For some this looks like yoni steam ceremony and for others private 1:1 sessions. I offer a range of powerful healing sessions for people to transform into their most potent, raw, connected selves. 

I invite you to book a private session with me if my story resonates with you. 

All My Love,

Erika Meremy

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