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Womb offerings

Womb healing is a sacred art in which the energies that exist within the womb are balanced to promote healing at the physical, spiritual and emotional level. As feminine beings our womb is the center of our deepest expression. Our wombs naturally want to create. Through the womb we can create a deep connection to self and rise into our High Priestess energy. 

Yoni Steam Ceremony

An ancient ritual using herbal steam to gently rise into the yoni opening. In this ceremonial setting we take a shamanic journey into the womb while you sit over an organic custom blend of herbal steam. You are nourished with womb aligned tea, smudged with traditional herbs and end with an intuitive reading. Erika customized and blesses each herbal blend before our session together.


The womb is a symbol of divine femininity, sexuality, beauty, expression, freedom, intuition, creation and love.

When there is an imbalance

the womb may hold onto:

Past relationships, ancestral trauma, spiritual imbalances, heartaches, losses, childhood trauma, birth trauma, procedure/surgery trauma, unhealthy patterns of people/experiences, reoccurring infections, miscarriage, painful bleeds, womb conditions & more

 Yoni steaming has been historically known to work at the physical, emotional & spiritual level so the womb may do what she knows how

create intentionally in our lives. 

 To receive this powerful offering you cannot be on your monthly cycle at the time of your steam or have an IUD.


1 hr 15 mins  session $133

Package: 4 sessions $488


Fertile Womb

An alternative to fertility treatments focusing on the energetic, emotional and physical blueprint of the womb to heal the current blockages so the womb may then bring forth healthy life. A unique combination of modalities to heal the womb chakra and increase fertility. Modalities include herbal yoni steam, womb energy work, herbal remedies, offerings and more. This type of work may require up to 6-10 sessions depending on your current womb print.

Initial Session 1.5 hr - $333

After $155 per session

Package: 6 sessions @ $999

Womb Energy Work

Energy work focusing the holy womb space. We set the ceremony intention to release anything that may be heavy, dense or painful about the womb including: releasing past partnerships, cord cutting, uncomfortable sexual experiences, traumatic child birth, physical manifestations, painful bleeds, womb related imbalances, childhood trauma, past life related trauma, disconnected from your own feminine essence and more. This can be a great alternative to those who cannot yoni steam. Sacred womb aligned herbal smudging, blessed waters and sound tools are used in this offering to create a powerful shamanic healing ceremony. The womb is a symbol of divine femininity, sexuality, intuition, expression, freedom, creation and love. Womb works allows us to break through energetic barriers to attract a new level of reality and align us to our matches & come into full power with our womb. This offering includes: womb energy work & womb aligned tea. A shamanic womb journey may be included.


1 hr -$155

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