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Master The Spiritual Self


This is For You If...

You are naturally gifted and attuned to both worlds but don't know how to fully navigate it

or perhaps you have recently experienced a spiritual death and rebirth and life seems overwhelming

You Desire to Develop your unique spiritual Gifts

Connect to your spiritual team On a daily basis

Release past life ties & karma

Discover & Fulfill Your life purpose

Navigate The Spirit World Safely

Traditional Ways Of Cleansing & Protecting

Move Past The Fear Of Old religious Programming

I mentor only those who are ready to shift into the next level of spirituality through shamanic exploration, energy work and practices to heightened and master your spiritual self.

When we honor both the spiritual and physical plane we begin to really live our lives as multidimensional beings. When we become connected we rise into our personal power, have balance and have clarity in our purpose. We walk in Divine alignment & honor. This offering is open only to those who are serious about their spirituality.

As a shamanic practitioner and someone who has been trained and mentored in shamanism and authentic kemetic spiritual practices I am able to guide those into this level of work safely and effectively. I am natural in
tuitive who is able to connect to your spiritual team to bring back the tools and steps needed to do this work according to your lineage. I do not teach "new age" spirituality. I teach practices from santeria, curanderismo, folk magic and dogon. 

$111 per session
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