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Led From Within:
Private 6 Week Ancestral Immersion

Many of us are realizing that our pain and repeating patterns in our own lives have existed in the generations before us. We are now being called to honor ourselves in one of the most healing ways for a human- through ancestral connection. In this private immersion, we discover the current story that exist within your bloodline directly from your ancestors, we unravel to heal both trauma & blockages plus open the doors so your ancestral blessings may flourish abundantly.


The benefits of ancestral work is limitless. Many have experienced: finding their life purpose, ending illnesses and hereditary dis-ease, ending repeating cycles, creating & maintaining financial wealth, increased intuition & spiritual abilities, mental clarity & more.

In this program you will gain:

⃤     Develop a quality relationship with your ancestors and feel a connection to them on a daily basis

⃤     Heal unhealthy blockages within your ancestors that may be directly impacting you or your family

⃤     Release outdated beliefs and behaviors within your DNA so you may rise in your personal power

⃤     End patterns of unhealthy relationships, self destruction behaviors, bad luck,  inherited dis-ease, freak accidents, terror, abandonment and more related to your current ancestral story

⃤     Shift into a state of self empowerment through discovery of purpose from your ancestral blessings

⃤     Restore paths to your vitality and blessings so ancestors are working in your favor at all times

⃤     Experience deep relief as you end generational trauma and suffering within your lineage

The Program

Week One

1.5 Hours

Uncover your generational story, current blockages and intention setting for the container. Ancestral tea, smudging and a full diagnosis reading. Intro into ancestral altar work.

Week Two

1.5-2 Hours

A powerful shamanic journey into the ancestral realm to initiate and connect to your ancestors. Ends with a ceremony of release to surrender blockages and stagnation.

Week Three

1.5 Hours

Mentorship session focused on the elements of ancestral healing, proper spiritual cleansing , powerful spiritual protection. What are your 4 main bodies and how to feed them to create fulfillment internally and externally.  How to connect with ancestors on a day to day basis

Week Four

1.5-2 Hours

A shamanic journey into the ancestral world to initiate healing within "wounded" ancestors & begin the process of rising the deceased into the ancestral level so they can be in their healthy state of being.

Week Five

1.5 Hours 

Energy clearing focused on removing old stagnation and attachments within the 3 main body's blueprint. Dissecting the mother and fathers' lineage individually and how they play a role in our daily life.

Week Six

1 Hour

Follow up session after a 2-week integration period. An open discussion intuitive session to evaluate the state of ancestors and how to maintain the frequency of expansion.

4 individual sessions focused on building the complete foundation of ancestral healing work, daily relationship, guided practices and rituals.

Ancestral Kit: includes all the basic tools & framework for altar work and traditional ancestral herbs.

2 separate individual powerful shamanic journeying sessions into the ancestral realm in which you are safely led in ceremony by Erika

In between session support via text from Erika

Investment $1,333 or 2 payments of $677

“Erika has helped me tremendously with some major spiritual roadblocks and issues I've been having recently. We are now doing ancestral work and the things I am learning are amazing! Erika is very gifted, compassionate, understanding, supportive, and she brings so much comfort, love, and warmth to each session. I am so thankful I am working with her on my spiritual journey as I develop my abilities and strengthen my bonds with my ancestors. I highly recommend Erika.”


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