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Dear Divine Spirit,

Meet Erika

Hi everyone! I'm Erika. I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Medicine Woman & Entrepreneur. A few years ago I found myself completely disconnected from my Divine Feminine Energy and quite frankly my spirit altogether.

I was so busy trying to please others and fulfill my role as a mother, girlfriend, business owner etc. I was simply doing what was expected of me in today's society. The pressure was heavy. I was addicted to being busy because that way my mind would focus on what I needed to do for the day. The times I was able to rest was uncomfortable to me. I felt guilty for resting and my past experiences would replay in my head over and over. It was hard for me to control my thoughts.

I had a terrible inner dialog and I spoke to myself in destructive ways. I was so unhappy and numb from everything around me. I had become so serious. I did not like myself deep down.

This cycle carried on until I found myself face to face with rock bottom. My relationship failed, I became a single mom and I was flat broke and broken. I was so disconnected from who I was and it was extremely painful. How do I get this to stop? I asked myself

This was the peak of my second spiritual awakening. I learned that my life had gotten to this point because I allowed it. Crazy to hear that right? I thought so too. Let me explain-Internally this was my reality- destructive, filled with fear and lack. I constantly put myself down and said mean things to myself. My definition of being a "good person" was based on how much I was doing for other people and making others happy with me. I learned that I was reliving my mothers story-pain trauma, fear and guilt. My feminine energy was severely wounded.  I had no awareness on how to authentically love myself and nourish my soul. Like many people, it was something I was never taught to do. My programming was stuck on "it's not what you get, it's what you give that is important" My external reality simply mirrored what was going on inside of me. 

The turning point for me is I was tired of living in that energy. I was tired of holding on to my resentment from my relationship, my childhood trauma, sexual trauma, the anger I felt for everything around me. I decided to give it one last shot. I gave it all that I could give and I am thankful that I did. I started praying for direction and answers. Then surely, the right books came into my lap, I started working with my spiritual coach, healing my heart and reprogramming my belief system about everything in life. Life started to genuinely feel good for the first time in my life. I was not in flight or flight mode anymore. I began to live.

I chose to surrender to my creator and release all that I knew 

And that is how my life began to transform into something beautiful

I started to see my own value and beauty. I learned that everything I had been chasing outside of myself was already inside of me. I am whole. I am love. I am everything I need. I began to speak to myself in a kinder, more gentle tone filled with nutritious words. I became my number one support system instead of my number one hater. Most importantly I started to have fun in my life and felt present in the moment for the first time in my life

Things in my life started to work out and I felt less and less resistance from life until one day it was 100% gone. We have to understand that spirit is always listening to us all the time, even when we feel like no one is listening to your thoughts, you can be assured source is present. I simply just chose to stop fighting and allow myself to be supported. The synchronicity of angel numbers and the people I was meeting was insane. It was all because I finally made the choice to rise into my worth and love myself. The universe simply mirrored it back to me. Life truly is what we make it.

I share my story with you to restore hope and confirmation that you are not alone. Sometimes we try and try so hard and get the same results but one must ask him/herself am I using the same tools? I understand what it is like to feel overwhelmed, stuck and unloved.  I know what its like to feel broken. The good news is you no longer have to feel that way. The most painful choice we can make is to make none. You always have a choice.

All My Love,

Erika Meremy 

Out of all the places you could have been... You found your way here! I am grateful for you. The time has come to release your wounds, insecurities, illusions, limiting beliefs, fear and worry. You can feel it in your bones, you are ready to say YES to more from your reality.

If you are here reading this it means the creator/source within is calling out to you, calling you to step into your full potential. Your light, power and majestic throne is awaiting you and it lives inside of you. My specialty focuses on healing the heart from the past, clearing energetic blockages within the feminine/masculine energy, reprogramming your current belief system so you may stand in your powerful light. My natural channeling ability brings in clarity and guidance that resonate with your soul so you can live ON PURPOSE. There is no expectations or judgement here. Only pure divine love. In return you receive rapid transformational results, valuable life tools, purpose and a lifetime of bliss. Hard is a choice and life can be easy! Allow me to show you...

Welcome To Freedom 

Come as you are right now, the timing is perfect



Traci, Spiritual Healer

Erika gave me more than I expected! I went in open minded but focused on increasing my Divine Feminine Energy~ who knew a big focus would be on Abundance and reconnecting with my inner child! Since our sessions I am open to receive more, I feel lighter, and not to mention sexier. Most of all~ the tools she used with me resonated so much that I was able to guide both my teenagers in meditations which resulted in my son honoring his inner truth and my daughter awakening to her inner power. Being a single mom, any assistance in guiding my children down a path of empowerment, self-love, and true acceptance is invaluable. Thank you so much! I appreciate you Erika and your gifts!!


Tina, Public Speaker

"Erika my life has transformed from my very first session with you. I finally love and accept my natural beauty like never before. I learned my own value and now attract those who only love me. What was I thinking before!! Everyone noticed my energy shift when I surrendered and allowed divine feminine to take the wheel. I am so grateful"


Brittany, Life Coach

Where do I begin… Erika is an Angel. The sweetest but will tell you exactly how it is. An intuitive so everything is custom because healing doesn’t look the same for everyone. Erika helped me to see how i was operating heavily out of my masculine energy and this is why it was clashing with the men i was dating. She helped to rebalance me internally. Then I began to see the external reflect, that it was okay to be soft and feminine. It was okay to allow a man to lead. It was fun to receive because I am worthy and deserving. I’m just saying invest in yourself and allow Erika to help you create your most feminine powerful version of yourself


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