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Are You Ready To Unleash Your Inner Her?

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Dear Beloved,

The time has come...


This Next Chapter IS

Called "My Turn"

Are you ready to begin your new chapter in life in which you reconnect to the sacred feminine wisdom within you and learn the language of your body


Here at InnerHER Alchemy you are deeply supported, nurtured & guided into the full spectrum of reclaiming your power.

This is the bridge between spirituality and science

We uncover, heal & release all that does not serve you

There is no expectations or judgement here. Only pure divine love. The work we do here is like none but the results speak for themselves. In return you emerge in self love, peace, joy, happiness. You then feel supported by life, discover your life purpose, become supported by life and wake up each morning excited about life. Hard is a choice and life can be easy. Allow me to show you...

Welcome To Freedom 

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Who Is Erika?

As a Spiritual Feminine Coach, Intuitive & Medicine Woman I have the beautiful privilege to help guide those who are ready into their higher self & escape the matrix.​ My ability to connect to source & directly channel is what allows me to identify the core root of the wound/problem.

My life purpose in the work that I do first began over 14 yrs ago as an tarot reader + root worker. I channeled source to provide solutions for those who needed direction in their spiritual journey, healing, self love & protection work. My business House Of Brujas closed in 2019.

After giving birth to my first son & finally cleaning up my emotional, spiritual & energetic baggage I was lead by the divine to create my current business InnerHER Alchemy. This is where the spiritual, tradition & science are merged to create freedom. Although my business name is focused on the feminine I have several male clients. My Intuition & sharp problem solving skills allow me to connect to people from all walks of path.

I am a full time mother of two children 12yrs + 4yrs and two lovely kitties who picked me up one day. I enjoy creating herbal medicine at home for my online business, painting & reading books. 

In our time together you can expect a safe enviorment so you can heal, shift, learn, have many ah-ha moments, laugh and cry. You will feel seen, heard & most importantly gain tools to navigate your life with ease.  

When a woman has the courage to heal herself, she heals the world.

This level of journey we are about to go into is not for everyone. It requires you to leave behind everything you have been taught to fear, ignore and suppress about yourself. You know the time is right when you can no longer afford to do nothing about it..

Is it that time for you?

I have spent years polishing my spiritual gifts through deep soul work & under council of my elders so I can do the work I came here to earth to do. My spiritual background is in shamanism, chakra alignment, herbalism and kemetic spirituality practices. 

Come as you are right now, the timing is perfect



Erika gave me more than I expected! I went in open minded but focused on increasing my Divine Feminine Energy~ who knew a big focus would be on Abundance and reconnecting with my inner child! Since our sessions I am open to receive more, I feel lighter, and not to mention sexier. Most of all~ the tools she used with me resonated so much that I was able to guide both my teenagers in meditations which resulted in my son honoring his inner truth and my daughter awakening to her inner power. Being a single mom, any assistance in guiding my children down a path of empowerment, self-love, and true acceptance is invaluable. Thank you so much! I appreciate you Erika and your gifts!!


Wise far beyond her age. Erika is loving, nonjudgmental, and extremely approachable. She knows he craft, to say the least. Erika is like family to me. I can tell her ANYTHING and she always has beautiful feedback. She makes you think and doesn’t do the work for you. She challenges you while at the same time giving you the tools you must have to heal, or become aware, or enlightened. Without question if your challenges are in her wheelhouse she has the tools you must have to understand and if needed, overcome. See her…


Where do I begin… Erika is an Angel. The sweetest but will tell you exactly how it is. An intuitive so everything is custom because healing doesn’t look the same for everyone. Erika helped me to see how i was operating heavily out of my masculine energy and this is why it was clashing with the men i was dating. She helped to rebalance me internally. Then I began to see the external reflect, that it was okay to be soft and feminine. It was okay to allow a man to lead. It was fun to receive because I am worthy and deserving. I’m just saying invest in yourself and allow Erika to help you create your most feminine powerful version of yourself


L E T  U S  B E G I N

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