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Connecting to Divinity

Embodiment  Ritual  Healing  Ceremony

The deepest journey begins within


right here & right now

This is the bridge between the seen and unseen worlds

We uncover, heal & release all that does not serve you at it’s root

Everything we can perceive & experience first begin at a energetic level and then manifests into the physical level and has a direct impact on the physical body, mind, quality of luck, sleep & what we attract. Once we identify & pluck these energies that are dense, heavy & causing imbalances, we can receive radical shifts, potent healing and true alignment. Inner Her Alchemy specializes in the energetic system to bring forth beautiful results in all areas of your daily life.


Finally a space that understands you in your fullest expression

Spiritual Mentorship


Heal The Womb:

Dive Into Shamanic World


Who Is Erika?

I am a Spiritual Feminine Coach/Mentor, Shamanic Healer & Intuitive. My purpose specializes in shifting energetic blockages that directly impact one's quality state of being.  My ability to “see” these imbalances & understand how to harmonize them is what allows me to do this level of work. I strongly believe when we do work at a multi-dimentional level we receive radical results. I am a natural Intuitive who is connected to both the seen and unseen world at all times. I share a unique way of living/thinking/being that focuses only on self + your spiritual team so you can walk in purpose 100% of the time.

My life purpose first began over 14 yrs ago as an diviner + root worker. I channeled source to provide solutions for those who needed direction in their spiritual journey, business, luck, healing, self love & protection work. My former business 'House Of Brujas' closed in 2019.

After giving birth to my first son & finally cleaning up my emotional & spiritual baggage I was led by my spiritual team to create Inner Her Alchemy. In every session a portal is created to bring forth radical shifts in your day to day life. In every session we allow the ancestors and world of the gods to lead the ceremony. My Intuition & sharp problem solving skills allow me to connect to people from all paths of life.

In our time together you can expect a safe environment so you can heal, shift, learn, have many ah-ha moments, laugh and cry. You will feel seen, heard & most importantly gain tools to navigate your life with ease. 

This level of journey we are about to go into is not for everyone. It requires you to leave behind everything you have been taught to fear, ignore and forget about yourself. I am here to guide you in remembering the way of those who came before us, how to balance your natural energy & learn potent ways to keep you focused, aligned & connected to all of YOU.


You know the time is right when you can no longer afford to do nothing about your blockages..

Is it that time for you?

I have spent years polishing my spiritual gifts through deep soul work, ancestral healing/recovery & under council of my elders so I can do the work I came here to earth to do. My spiritual background is in shamanism, womb alignment, herbalism and traditional kemetic spirituality. I am a traditional healer & diviner.

When harmonize our own nature & honor the non-material world potent results begin to happen. 

“Erika's energy is like a warm cozy blanket of acceptance and understanding; a beautiful maternal-like energy that creates a safe space for releasing suppressed emotions and exploring the parts of us hiding behind sharp edges and around dark corners.
 I was fortunate to experience a mini shamanic healing session during an open house where she practices and it was so profound I knew this is what my soul and body needed to let go of stuck energy tied to old traumas and beliefs about myself that no longer serve me. Further ritual healing and yoni steaming services have (literally, viscerally!) opened my heart and created a connection with my divine femininity my spirit was longing for.

I encourage anyone who is feeling stuck, lost, or anything that doesn't serve them, regardless of their gender identify, to meet Erika and experience for themselves how transformative her services are. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
- Lao Tzu."




Ready To Get Started?

You May directly book any spiritual service without a consultation. A Consultation Call is only required for coaching services to ensure we are a perfect match

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