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Frequently Asked Questions

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This section is dedicated to answering any questions you have prior to working with me. Please feel welcomed to email me if you do not find answers to any questions you may have

How Do I Know What

Program/Service Is Best?

In your free consultation call, we will uncover what the best fit for you currently is. Although only coaching/mentorship programs require a consultation call you may book one if you feel you are unsure which offering is best for you.

How Can I Prepare For My Energy Work Or Shamanic Journey?

Light colored clothing and arriving freshly bathed is suggested to maximize the benefits from your session.

Do You Only Work With Woman?

No. I work with anyone who is ready to do the inner work.  I provide a safe, non-judgmental, transformational experience for all.

What Is Erika's Personal Philosophy & Mission In Her Work?

My mission in my work is to bring truth, honor and aliveness within my community. I am devoted to providing a safe, nourishing space so my clients can release and remember their divinity. I am on a mission to restoring ancient rooted practices/knowledge in new age spirituality & honoring the world of the gods so we may live in peace and harmony within ourselves.

Do You Follow A Religious Path In Your Sessions?

I work with the laws of nature and source/creator/god energy. My beliefs are centered on truth and the greatest good of the individual. I only ask that you arrive with an open mind.

How Can I Prepare For My Yoni Steam?

Please be off of your menstrual cycle, have no IUD in place & no herpes infection. If you are trying to conceive please ensure you are not ovulating when coming in for your steam. Arriving freshly bathed is suggested.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

This is completely unique to each client. For Aligned Spirit & Spiritual Mentorship clients usually come in for 2-4 sessions a month. For Energy Work I suggest 2-3 session when first starting then you can come in once a month, once a quarter or what ever feels best for you. For all other offerings, I suggest coming in as your intuition suggests. You may also ask during your first sessions & we can allow your spiritual team to decide.

How Do You Make your Services Accessible To Everyone?

I offer limited sessions through a sliding scale price so all have access to this level of inner work. If you feel called to donate to support someone that is financially limited, please use my paypal link or venmo @erikameremy


Erika is a one of a kind beautiful soul! If you’re looking to unleash the feminine goddess inside of you and miraculously heal your womb chakra, look no further! Erika intuitively guides you in a shamanic healing style in which you will feel fully comfortable, supported, and heard. Through this work, I have had the ability to connect with my ancestors, facilitate ceremonial experiences in this dimension, and work on a spiritual level that I have never embarked on previously. The level of healing is profound if you’re ready and willing to do this kind of work. I am so lucky and grateful Erika is my guide.
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