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Red Rose

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is dedicated to answering any questions you have prior to working with me. Please feel welcomed to email me if you do not find answers to any questions you may have.

About Coaching & Mentorship

How Do I Know Which Program Is Best For Me?

During your free consultation call together, we will uncover what the best fit for you currently is. 

Do You Only Work With Women?

I work with anyone who is ready to do the inner work.  I provide a safe, non-judgmental, transformational experience for all.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

This is completely unique to each client. For Aligned Spirit & Spirit Connection clients usually come in for 1-2 sessions a month. For InnerHER I recommend weekly sessions the first three month, afterwards you can drop down to whichever feels best for you.

Do Your Sessions Follow A Religious Path?

No. I work with universal laws and source/creator/god energy. My beliefs are centered on truth and honor. Anyone can adapt this philosophy into their life. I only ask that you arrive with an open mind.

How Can I Know If I Have Blockages In My Feminine Energy?

Some of the major symptoms women experience is having feeling disconnected to themselves, lack of self love, trust issues, find it hard to speak up, feel like they are not living up to societies standards, shame in their bodies/looks, painful periods, womb issues, unprocessed sexual trauma, attracting same toxic patterns of people and situations, disconnected to their intuition, anxiety and depression. We live in a society that loves toxic masculine energy so until we intentionally decide to reclaim our power we will see this continue in our lives.

Other Services

Can I Book A Session Even If I Am Not Local?

Yes! All coaching & services besides energy work if offered in person & virtually.

How Can I Prepare For My First Womb Steam?

It is ideal to arrive in a dress/skirt, not on your monthly cycle or if you are TTC please ensure you are not ovulating.

What Can I Do To Prepare For My Energy Work/Shamanic Journeying Session?

Ideally I ask you arrive in comfortable clothing, free from any stimulants, and set your own intention/prayer for your session.

How Can I Support Your Mission?/I Need A Session But I am Financially Limited

You can donate to help pay for sessions on behalf of someone who needs it but are currently experiencing financial challenges. If you are currently experiencing financial burdens but are being called to work with me send me an email  Please note Afterpay is also accepted for packages to break down the cost into 6 payments.

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