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The Road To Self Mastery

Alternative To Therapy. For The Spiritual Person. 

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Aligned Spirit is an alternative to traditional therapy that is solution based. This program is for anyone who is ready to let go of the past & live according to what is aligned to your inner truth so you can live life in peace, alignment and flow. We focus on providing you with the tools needed to make choices that feel aligned for you. As an Intuitive I have the ability to get to the deep core root as in why things are the way they are in your life. Together, we will shift your subconscious beliefs, heal the heart, and reconnect you to your self. As a spiritual person I did not find the right therapist who understood the full spectrum of who I am as a spiritual being living in modern days so after I did my own personal inner work I was lead me to create this service for those who are seeking the same. The reason we feel so disconnected is we are taught to identify & chase ALL things outside of us like careers, relationships, status, money, etc. When these things are not "going as planned" what happens? we feel less than, sad or it makes us work harder only to chase our own tails with out an end.

Life was not intended to be lived overly stressed, self conscious, trying to make everyone else happy or keeping your throat chakra closed.


Allow me to show you a different way of life...


Topics Worked Through In Sessions:

Resolving Past Pain

Embodying Self Love & Worthiness

Shadow Work

Inner Child Healing


Releasing Unproductive Thoughts

Boundaries For Spirit/Mind/Body

Becoming Your True Self

Reprogram Your Mindset

Creating Your Personal Life Philosophy

Spirit Guide Connection

Discovery Of Life Purpose

Creating Spiritual Practices

Ancestral Work & Healing

& More​


$111 per session or $422 mo

Come as often or little as needed

"When You Come To The Realization That You Are God(dess)You Will Become It. You Are More Powerful Than What You Have Been Led To Believe."

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