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The Road To Self Mastery

Alternative To Therapy. For The Spiritual Person. 

Aligned Spirit Coaching Program

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Disconnect from the mindset that makes us feel disconnected, overwhelmed and resentful. You learn unique tools to shift your life back to ease and stay in your power. We focus on YOUR mindset & YOUR choices so you can be healthy on all levels and most of embody inner peace with self.



The energetic/spiritual blueprint plays a big part in the quality of life we are experiencing. In addition to choices we make sometimes we continue to stay stuck in a loop hole due to our energetic blueprint. We identify and release blockages present within the spirit so we feel at peace, cultivate the fullness of live and experience radical shifts. 



When we experience major emotional pain,

 & trauma the body holds onto it which leads to our own bodies feeling foreign or unsafe. Somatic practices is an essential part in Aligned Spirit to bring back awareness to ourselves and to reset the nervous system back to a quality state of being. 

Aligned Spirit is an alternative to traditional therapy that is solution based at a multidimensional level. This program is for anyone who is ready to let go of the past & live according to what is aligned to your inner truth so you can live life in peace, alignment and flow. This form of coaching is different from others because we focus only on YOU. We release blame, guilt, fear, resentment, doubt & anything that does not serve you. You will gain the tools needed to make choices that feel aligned for you. As an Intuitive I have the ability to get to the deep core root as in why things are the way they are in your life. Together, we will shift your subconscious beliefs, heal the heart, and reconnect you to your self. The reason we feel so disconnected is we are taught to identify & chase ALL things outside of us like careers, relationships, status, money, etc. When these things are not "going as planned" what happens? we feel less than, unworthy or it makes us work harder only to chase our own tails with out an end.

Life was not intended to be lived overly stressed, self conscious, trying to make everyone else happy or keeping your throat chakra closed.

Allow me to show you a different way of life...

Topics Worked Through In Sessions:​

Who Is Your Authentic Self

Releasing Expectations/Attachments

Shadow Work

Somatic Practices

Releasing Unproductive Thoughts

Showing Up For Self

Boundary Repair For Spirit/Mind/Body

Becoming Your True Self

Reprogram Your Mindset

Creating Your Personal Life Philosophy

Discovery Of Life Purpose

Living In Alignment

Walking In Devotion To Purpose

Being In The Moment 100% Of The Time


$111 per session or $422 mo

"Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not."

– Deepak Chopras


I am beyond blessed to have found Erika. She creates such a safe space for the unloading and healing of a tired soul. Every time I have a session with her, there is a serenity in knowing that I really don't have to do it all alone. Isolation and fear of being hurt or denied have been a struggle for me over the years. Erika eases my nerves and listens to all my wild stories, pain, and frustrations with a compassionate and open heart. Her intuition is a breath of fresh air as she validates and corrects information without me telling her. I pray for her expansion and hope she begins to offer classes or workshops!
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