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Spiritual guidance & wisdom

Rooted In Tradition For The Modern Being


Are You Ready To;

Develop your unique spiritual skills
Learn about your spirit contract
Release past life ties & karma
Heal & honor your ancestors
Learn about your personal lineage & gifts 
Learn the universal laws
Connect to your spiritual team
Discover life purpose
Cut unhealthy cords
Escape the matrix

Navigate Spiritual shift w/ ease
become your own self healer
Learn the metaphysical properties of herbs & elements
Rise into your power

When we honor both the spiritual and physical plane we begin to really live our lives as multidimensional beings. When we become connected we rise into our personal power, have balance and have clarity in our purpose. This offering is open to all people. As a natural channeler I am able to connect to your specific guides to bring back the tools and steps needed to do this work. My well rounded background in kemetic tradition & connection to the world of the gods allow me to properly & safely do this type of work.

$111 per session
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